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Liliana Rodrigues brings a wealth of experience as Public Relations and Content Marketeer. Having lived and worked in six different countries, Liliana is well-versed in international fast-pace creative environments.

She has worked with a wide portfolio of companies, from a global tech company, to lifestyle brands, creative agencies, governmental institutions and family-owned businesses.

These experiences have contributed to her deep knowledge of media relations, social media campaigns and content marketing.

Within these roles, Liliana has helped define brand strategy, conceived and implemented creative digital campaigns and produced content to position brands, amplify their message and create impact.

 Liliana is at her best when leading the Public Relations and Content Marketing for purposeful companies with global impact, within a multidisciplinary team, in the forefront of digital brand campaigns.

about liliana rodrigues
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Strategy Tells You Where to Go.

Communication Inspires People To Go There With You.

It’s The Only Thing That Ever Does.

– Andrea Jung, Former CEO, AVON

Brands I worked with


“We launched our company blog to showcase our creative and engineering thought-leadership to the world. Liliana’s project management, editing and cms skills proved extremely valuable in gathering and preparing all the content, publishing it and improving the cms environment and performance, and within a short time frame.”

Annematt Ruseler

Director of Communications, WeTransfer

“Liliana combines a fast-mind, PR knowledge and the ability to deliver under short deadlines. She is talented at managing large and complex stakeholder communication projects which cover multiple markets. Liliana is well up to speed in the industry and knows what the latest trends are in content, media and brand.”

Karin Krautgartner

Owner and Creative Director, byKK

“Liliana Rodrigues is a remarkable PR & Communications Professional with a keen understanding for navigating both the demands of multinational brands and the complex challenges involved in the launch of a startup.”

Bruce Lorange

Entrepreneur, O2Today

“Liliana Rodrigues’ trained eye and writings skills surpassed my every expectation. Her language mastery, interview skills and professionalism really stood out as singular qualities of her personality and work ethic.”

Hester Alberdingk Thijm

Director, AkzoNobel Art Foundation

“Always on top of all things music, voice and sounds for brands, Liliana Rodrigues’ words are a joy to read. A great ambassador for the power of music, Liliana’s insightful articles have contributed to amplifying the impact of our creative campaigns in the world.”

Marguerite Rubens

Global Communications Director, MassiveMusic