How to Stay Resilient: Resources and Tactics

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Resilience is one of the most researched and sought-after qualities. In times like these, resilience is a skill that comes in handy. Surely in the past months, the question How to Stay Resilient has crossed your mind a few times?

Resources To Build Resilience

Not for nothing, Lucy Hone’s Ted Talk ‘3 Secrets of Resilient People‘  has had over 2 billion views since 2019. Her three strategies are simple yet important.

First, resilient people know that suffering is part of life. Second, resilient people are very good at realistically accessing what they can change and accepting the things they cannot. Finally, resilient people ask themselves, is what I am doing helping or harming me?

Also very timely, is a graphic created by Ken Seidu and Godfrey Okumu from Nigeria and Dr. Anne Mwangi from Kenya that asks: Who do I want to be during COVID-19? The diagram moves you all the way from the fear zone into the action zone, gives you agency and puts you right back in the driver’s seat. It is a great tool for the person we want to be, always.

How to Stay Resilient Resources and Tactics Covid_circle

Diagram: Ken Seidu and Godfrey Okumu from Nigeria and Dr. Anne Mwangi from Kenya

Unlike most of us, highly technical and specialized professionals often undergo resilience training. These individuals work long shifts, operate heavy equipment in often hazardous and remote environments. Learned resilience tactics include, focusing on the goal while keeping things in perspective. Accepting change by being calm and patient. Asking oneself what is the bigger picture and, if there is a different way to look at the situation at hand.

Experiences Build Resilience

Back in April 2015, out of eighty-seven applicants, London-based NLP Coach Viv Bowra was one of thirteen business women who embarked on a trip to the Arctic. It required six months of physical and mental preparation. The trip was part of a company initiative of LeasePlan UK to explore and raise awareness of unconscious bias. Along the way, goal-setting, resilience and leadership skills came to fore.

“When I got back, a friend told me he was in awe of what we did. I replied that anyone could have done it – we had great support, equipment, training. It was only two weeks. But my friend said, he wouldn’t have even put himself in that position. On reflection, five years later, I can finally see the ways in which this journey has changed me. Something, I couldn’t see back then.”

When we are in the thick and thin of things, we can hardly see how we are moved by things, how we are being changed.

The Opportunity in a Crisis

Resilience happens in face of difficulties or challenges, when instead of despairing or getting angry, we consciously choose possibility again and again.

Moreover, “Often the experience of a personal crisis or a failure will constitute a basis for the creation of a personal vision, which in turn becomes the framework for a life of possibility.” Zander, 2000

In their book Option B, authors Sheryl Sanderg and Adam Grant talk about the 3ps: personalization, pervasiveness and permanence. The last one, reminds us exactly that nothing is forever. Things change overtime and get better. Ultimately, you can trust 100% that,

Change is the only constant. – Heraclitus

And it might just as well offer you that growth you have yet to account for.   Liliana Rodrigues is a global PR & Content Marketing professional. As a passionate communication strategist and influencer, Liliana makes your best work visible. Get in touch if your business requires thought-leadership content such as this. @by_Liliana_Rodrigues Header Image: Jaanus Jagomagi via Unsplash

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